Scooter SCOOTIE Green


The SCOOTIE children’s scooter is ideal for all little bikers.

Thanks to the two height positions of the wheels, the scooter grows with the child.

However, always ensure that the height of the wheels are at the same height positions to avoid a significant change in the centre of gravity.

The SCOOTIE can be easily assembled as a tricycle or a bouncing unicycle.

The wheels are fitted with rubber tyres.

A clear manual makes it easy to assemble.

The scooter has a hole on both sides for attaching a cord and you can pull the scooter or throw it over your shoulder.

Included is a page of stickers that your child can use to decorate the scooter as they wish.

It is made from high quality plastic and tested to the strict EN 71 standard.

The maximum load capacity is 25 kg.

The scooter is intended for children over 3 years of age.


Always ensure that the child is supervised by an adult and wearing protective gear.

Before each ride, check that all screws are tightened.

Avoid riding in areas where there is a danger due to traffic or high pedestrian traffic.

The scooter does not have brakes, do not use it on steeper slopes.




HDPE, Iron, Rubber, Steel

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