LED headlamp SHADOW


Headlamp Profilite SHADOW, CREE LED, USB charging, 230lm, 75m range, 6 light modes, IP66

Profilite headlamp with USB charging.
The headlamp has 6 light modes, IP66 water resistance and a Li-ion battery that charges in 3.5 hours using the included USB cable. A charged battery will last you up to 16 hours of illumination (depending on the type of illumination chosen).

Light intensity:

Among the 6 modes, there are 3 light intensity settings:

  • 230lm with a range of up to 75m
  • 110lm with a range of up to 58m
  • 30lm with a range of up to 30m

Type: headlamp
Luminous Intensity: up to 230lm
Protection: IP66
Battery: Li-ion 1200mAH
Material: ABS

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